Mød vores team

Malthe Bruun Ludvigsen
Founder & CEO
Christian Thisted
Head of Tech
Levi Rauff
Digital Experience
Christina Houtved Müllertz
Design Support

"Whatever we intend to achieve at a workplace, it all boils down to 'the human aspect'. How we interact, get energized, and sustain ourselves and each other as humans. At the core of 'the human aspect' lies empathy – our ability to understand ourselves, each other, our diversities and navigate accordingly.

That's why we established Personpilot™.

Personpilot™ assists workplaces in stimulating empathy so people can empower themselves and each other to be their authentic self. Being authentic is fundamental to engagement and sustainable human performance.

Navigate with empathy – it matters."

Malthe Bruun Ludvigsen
Founder & CEO
Personpilot ApS


Jonas Alexandersson
Investor og rådgiver
Søren Rasmussen
Investor og rådgiver
(Algoritmer og analyse)
Mikkel Lindhard
Rådgiver (Compliance)

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