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What is Personpilot?

Personpilot is a platform for forward-thinking companies that recognise the importance of employee empathy.

Who is behind Personpilot?

Personpilot was founded in December 2020 by Malthe Bruun Ludvigsen based on a vision to help employees be their natural best every day. Today, Personpilot has a strong team of skilled professionals that are passionate about empowering employee empathy at workplaces.

How do you define employee empathy?

Empathy can be defined as the ability to appreciate the needs and emotions of others. Essentially, employee empathy is about understanding what makes the individual employee tick (i.e. his/her natural self).

How does Personpilot empower employee empathy?

Essentially, Personpilot empowers employee empathy by helping employees better understand their own and their colleagues’ natural selves continuously. We believe that continuous awareness of the natural self of each individual employee is necessary for a workplace to be truly empathetic.

Why does empathy matter in the workplace?

Empathy in the workplace facilitates human interactions (communication and teamwork) which is key for creating positive results in general. Studies for example show that teams are up to 27% more effective when empathy among team members is strong.

Is Personpilot suitable for us?

Most probably. Personpilot can help companies of all sizes, across all industries that wish to prioritize employee empathy.

How is information about me presented and used on the Personpilot platform?

Information is always presented in a positive, safe and simple manner in order to minimize any discomfort in terms of privacy, and in order to maximize benefit in terms of understanding each other’s natural selves better (i.e. to maximize empathy).

How do you store data?

All employee specific data is end-to-end encrypted and owned by the company that uses the platform. Request our white paper which in detail describes how data is treated and secured. Data is stored within the EU.