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Personpilot is a game-changer for traditional behavioral assessments, as it goes beyond the individual and offers valuable insights into a team’s dynamics.

The platform is intuitive and easy to navigate, so insights about yourself and your team are readily available and actionable.

I have found it very useful with my own team, and I can see its value especially as a compass guiding new leaders on how best to approach difficult situations or unique team members.
Louise Vang Edwards
Director, Head of PEAS, DK, DIS/CREADIS
To thrive and perform together as a team, I consider it crucial that we understand ourselves and each other. Personpilot is an invaluable tool in this regard. It helps us appreciate various dynamics – both in terms of the individual and the team – and frankly enables us to collaborate more effectively.
Krista Juhl
Head of Offshore Wind Procurement, FPWD, Vattenfall
Personpilot has been an eye opener for our organization. It's like having a personal GPS for understanding the personalities of our team members. We are already using it as a tool in our business with our annual review and goal-setting. We are looking forward to collaborating with Personpilot over the years to create an incredible tool.
People Operations, Tom Church and Mikkel Riisgaard
JUM-BO Consulting Group A/S
We work a lot remotely in JobSquad. Personpilot helps us to maintain an understanding of each other despite the physical distances. There is no other tool that is so simple and gives such a quick overview of the strengths and competencies of our employees. A massive help in our daily work life!
Linda J. Sonnichsen
Founder & Recruiter at Job Squad
Incorporating Personpilot has been like having a window into the core of our team. We have a much clearer understanding of our people, taking the guesswork out of various aspects of performing sustainably as a team.
Katja Menge
Head of Procurement Offshore Wind Projects, FPWP, Vattenfall
Personpilot's platform has been a game-changer for our team. It's like having a trusted team coach at our fingertips. With its user-friendly interface, it's helped us truly get to know one another, resulting in improved collaboration and productivity. We've seen significant positive changes in our team's performance, and there's a newfound unity among us, all thanks to Personpilot.
Jonas Dreier
Vice President, JA Alumni Europe
We use Personpilot to create a deeper, human understanding and thus a more empathetic approach to communication and collaboration. We find that sharing and reviewing our profiles in the team has created greater understanding of our differences. Moreover, the Personpilot platform is super intuitive and easy to get started with.
Rikke Ullersted
I love that Personpilot is for EVERYONE – a democratic tool created for all employees, regardless of title or function. This is where the platform truly stands out. I use Personpilot in my work as an organizational consultant and am thrilled with it. Everyone benefits from better understanding themselves and each other. Human insight contributes to better collaboration, less stress, and a better bottom line for the company. Highly recommended.
Ane Stürup
CEO, Consultant & Founder of ”Servant – mærkbar ledelse”