About Personpilot™

We are a Danish company passionate about helping people at work perform sustainably.

In a world, pained by disengagement, stress, anxiety and more something needs to be done.

An important element of battling these problems is quite frankly empathy (i.e. human understanding). Personpilot helps people at work empathize with themselves and each other to make better room for individual authenticity.

We respectfully challenge the ‘usual way’ of gaining human understanding where workplaces buy heavy, analog reports and expensive consultant processes which are sadly quickly forgotten about.

With the Personpilot platform a democratized, agile, and affordable approach is established.

Needless to say, Personpilot can naturally also be used as a new base for all the great consultants out there who are passionate about helping workplaces thrive and perform sustainably – who want to take their offering to the next level.

When making choices, Linda ensures thoroughness by diligently studying all the necessary data.
Sandra thrives in collaborative settings and often acts as a bridge between team members, facilitating communication and fostering a positive atmosphere.
Frank thrives in fast-paced environments, effectively communicates with colleagues, and confidently takes initiative.


We envision a world of empathetic workplaces with greater room for human authenticity.

Our vision is to truly democratize human insights that empower empathy and authenticity, thereby helping workplaces cultivate engagement and sustainable human performance.

Elise excels at building relationships, is attentive to others' needs, and can adapt to various situations while remaining committed to achieving team objectives.
Elise excels at building relationships, is attentive to others' needs, and can adapt to various situations while remaining committed to achieving team objectives.

Human performance through empathy

Fostering Trust. When employees feel that their emotions and needs are valued, they are more likely to trust their coworkers and managers. Trust promotes open and honest communication, which is essential for effective collaboration.

Reducing Misunderstandings. Empathy helps individuals understand the perspectives and needs of others, reducing misunderstandings and promoting clarity in communication.

Improving Relationships. Empathy helps build strong relationships based on mutual understanding and respect, which can enhance collaboration and teamwork.

Better Problem Solving. Empathetic employees are better able to recognize and address the needs and concerns of their coworkers, which can lead to more efficient and effective problem solving.

more effective teams when empathy among team members is strong.
of employees believe showing empathy is an important way to advance employee retention.
of people with empathetic leaders reported their workplace was inclusive, compared withonly 17% of those with less empathetic leadership.
of people who experienced empathy from their leaders reported they were engaged compared withonly 32% who experienced less empathy.

Personpilot helps team members empathize with each other.

Good communication and collaboration happens in teams where the team members understand each other and can navigate accordingly. Empathy matters!

"We work a lot remotely in JobSquad. Personpilot helps us to maintain an understanding of each other despite the physical distances. There is no other tool that is so simple and gives such a quick overview of the strengths and competencies of our employees. A massive help in our daily work life!"
Linda J. Sonnichsen
Founder & Recruiter at Job Squad
"Personpilot has given me an important tool to understand the needs and preferences of my colleagues. In particular, the person pages, where you can read what each of us likes and dislikes, have taught me how to communicate so that everyone feels feel valued and understood."
Michelle Asbjørn
Licensed Psychologist, Randers Municipality

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